Total Flow: Full Power, a fantasy/action series, follows the adventures of former "mercenary" Mia Gensen, of Noxial ancestry, in her quest to prevent the global domination of her older sister Noah. The setting is mostly the Raleigh city, althought sometimes it changes to the Richmond, Lincoln and New York cities.

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Earth is under danger, and humanity's fate rest in the hands of this young girl, Mia Gensen, who practices the Art of the Legendary Nox Warriors, a martial art originated in the distant land of Nox. Will she succeed to save Earth from the dark forces once and for all?

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Mia Gensen, the main protagonist, is a human of Noxial descent, capable to speak both the English and Noxial languages, aside from writing in Noxial. She is also fun-loving, smart and charismatic. When in Total Flow (ability), she gains elemental powers, and her aura becomes stronger, giving her the ability to fly, among other elements.

Noah Gensen, the main antagonist, is Mia's younger sister, who also speaks and writes English and Noxial. She is serious, seemingly quiet but insane at times. Also shows apparent regret at her older sister. When in Total Flow, she gains the ability to lift things around her without touching them, and the skill to float in the air.

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