This is the city of New York. A bustling city that never sleeps. It's known for the Times Square, for being the "Capital of the World", for being the center of the arts, the media, politics and finance, and for being a "melting pot" where people from various places and from various ethnic groups come together into the city.

In New York City, numerous things happened. Towers have been built, artists have entertained the city, and the city's economy seemed to drive the rest of the world's. But nothing of that compares to what's going to happen. A new series of events, originated in another ear and another world, will happen in one of the biggest cities of the world.

A boy arrives at a hotel to check in. With brown, short messy hair, and charming brown eyes, this guy is searching for a place to stay the summer. He is known as Kairo Tsuyoi, a native of Tokyo who traveled to New York in order to spend this summer on another city.