Samantha "Sam" Erstemann is one of the few neighbours of Noah Gensen and the older sister of Liam Erstemann. A brilliant student of the New Horizon National University, she is also a painter, architect and occasional poet. Sam lives with siblings Liam, Arthur, Alan and Megan.

Appearance Edit

Like her siblings, she has green eyes. She is the second tallest of the five brothers, with Arthur being the tallest and Megan the shortest. Her hair is naturally oragne blonde, and like Liam and (sometimes) Arthur, she wears glasses, although she admits she used at times contact lenses.

Personality Edit

"Sammy" is an intelligent student who likes to help her fellow students and knows what she does. She makes wise decisions, and is considered a good classmate. Thought her classmates doesn't see it, she often has and makes parties with the help of sister Megan. She has a heart of gold when helping those who need it most, and she is considered a key person in making Liam a fantastic student in Solstice High.