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This section covers the overall behaviour of the Community.

1. Yourself Edit

  • 1.a) Your behaviour - As you should know, any good behaviour is accepted. This is a rule that is not unlike that of Wikia's community rules, so consider this rule in a global scale.
  • 1.b) Language - If possible, try to not to swear. So, when trying to make an exclamation, for example, make your best intentions to use softer words. Infractors may face varying penalties depending on how much they swear.

2. The Community Edit

  • 2.a) Relations with others - Be good to fellow users. Don't hate other users publicly, don't make jokes that may hurt others and, don't spam this wiki. That's unless you'd want a ban from 10 months.
  • 2.b) Helping others - FXON accepts and welcomes people who are willing to help others. If possible, try to do it with your best intentions. You've might even be recognized by fellow users.
  • 2.c) Respect admins - Because the admins work hard on making FXON a good place to write, they guys deserve a minimum respect, so please don't insult them or you might get banned for 11 months. If you still have conflicts with an admin, please resolve them in a civilized manner.

3. Groups Edit

  • 3.a) Groups on FXON - For those who want it, FXON allows its users to make groups of people, with its own set of rules, and with any purpose. Exceptions include -among others- hate groups, that once spotted, they will be disbanded and their members banned.
  • 3.b) No group wars - For a peaceful community, there shall be no battles between groups anywhere on FXON. Try to resolve conflicts between groups ina peaceful and civilized manned.

If you want to suggest a change on these rules, please use the Talk Page or talk to the staff. If your proposal is accepted, it will become reality and the rules will be changed.