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New homepage, and more Edit

12.06.2012 Bet you didn't saw the homepage, right? Well. The homepage has been modified to look better, nicer, and more in line with FXON's look. The reason: the old page wasn't nice enough, like a startup wiki homepage would look. I decided that a better homepage would look good, so I edited the page (with the help of a trick: examining another wiki homepage's edit page for the coding I had to use, in this case the MegaMan Fanon wiki). A bit of trial and error until it looked nice for me (check the page's history: it tells you how many takes it took). Aside all this, the announcement of a new Wiki has arrived! Welcome FXON's sister wiki: FanFXON, a fanon-oriented version of FXON where you can imagine your episodes for any existing series, and there you can add multiple series to your mix, and even reimagine your favorite characters. Expect also new templates, contests and even more. And that's the report.