Nostrus et Terre (typeset as NOSTRVS ET TERRE) is an adventure series about the townspeople of a planet called "Globus fmx109i" and a brotherhood of deities who watch after them. Its setting is the Ultraniverse and it focus on the lives of a determinate person or group of persons living in said planet.

Characters Edit

Once they were just two: Sir Christopher and Dame Constance, superior gods holding unlimited power, created by an all-seeing "supergod", known as "It All" or "The Core" since it gave birth to time, space and Christopher and Constance, but also a kind of evil energy dubbed as "AntiMatter". Concerned about the rivalry between the two gods and the AntiMatter, It All made a final risky decision: it split the gods into apparently six -three each one god- with a energy capable to destroy and dissolve the AntiMatter. Those six heroes are:

-Brother John, the friendly, polite god of darkness (which in fact is good energy, since its the opposite of the AntiMatter, despite similarities.)

-Brother Mac, the strong, courageous god of light.

-Brother Clay, the shy, intelligent god of the winds.

-Sister Anne, the deep-thinking, caring goddess of the lands.

-Sister Rose, the energetic, sociable goddess of life.

-Sister Claire, the serious, wise goddess of the seas.

Although these are believed by some as the only six deities, other six gods remain either dormant, hiding or in other dimension.