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Main Points Edit

  • The svobrodars and their father (as a spirit beast/being) are caught in a large-scale war, where the last man standing gets to bear the title of Beastsweeper. The svobroders only want to know the truth behind this war and all that surrounds it; they don't want to participate directly at first.
  • The svobros are joined by four other people with the same stuff as theirs, forming a team of six led by the svobros which mission is "to find the truth".
  • Someone tries to sell them special stones that can hold Spirit Beasts each; the svobtos refuse this someone, but the someone persuades them to buy those stones. These stones play a rather big role in the stories later on de gozaimasu.

The arcs should be the following:

  • The Clashing Beasts arc, where Spirit Beasts fight against each other in what appears to be a war.
  • The I need answers arc, where the svobowie crew decide to ask questions to the ones who brought back their father to life.
  • The World Tour arc, where the protagonists chase an evil dude and his Spirit Beast across several worlds.

Inspiration Edit

  • "Winter Spring Summer or Fall... all you have to do is call and I'll be there. You've got a friend."
    • Winter: Rain falls, it snows.
    • Spring: Flowers bloom.
    • Summer: Sunlight, heat, swim.
    • Fall: Tree leaves fall, it gets cold.
  • The comic where dio sees jonathan as star platinum and cries and tries to reach him... jo jo... like if you cri everytim.
    • Dio is crumbling, cracks are showing.
      • Cracks. Cracks appear in the sky. These two twins have to investigate the truth behind these cracks.
    • Jonathan Joestar is reincarnation of Star Platinum.
      • This is where the Spirit Beings phenomenom comes from.
    • Water in Dio's eyes, as he cries seeing jonathan as he dies.
      • Water. Rain. It was raining when the svobovobrothers are born.

Points Edit

  • The twins have to deal with issues related with cracks that appear everywhere.

Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Eva and Bruno Ivanovic - The main protagonists.
    • They are curious.
    • They're a bit mean.
    • They are able to tell something's fishy.
    • They are no-nonsense.
  • Sonia - The pretty girl.
    • She's beautiful
    • Cheery, bubbly and girly
    • Michevious and sneaky
    • A bit sadistic and psycho sometimes.
    • Also a medic student.
  • Bill - The funny guy.
    • Albino.
    • He loves women.
    • A bit dumb.
    • A bit selfish
    • A bit honest.
    • Tends to give you stuff.
    • Loves cars.
  • Oliver - The nice guy.
    • He's gentle.
    • He is a gentleman.
    • Travels all over za warudo and the world.
    • Speaks the thousand languages.
    • Honest.
    • Likes books, like Ines.
    • Has a notebook.
  • Ines - The silent girl.
    • She is wise.
    • Doesn't talk much.
    • B o o k w o r m.
    • Takes care of animals.
    • Tends to live a quiet, simple life
    • Librarian.

Other stuff Edit

There are various worlds; this, the spirit world and the always winter world.